Difference between "Time Limit" and "Case Time Limit"


Hello. I have just taken this test.

I submitted my answer to "P1: Queen's Attack" using Python then it was evaluated as "TLE".

Seeing "My Submissions" table, it seemed it took 8145 ms to run the program, which is faster than 10000 ms of "Time Limit". But it exceeds 1000 ms of "Case Time Limit".

I would like to ask you how "Time Limit" is different from "Case Time Limit" and also what the value of "Time" column means on "My Submissions" page.

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Thank you for your reply. I see it clearly.


There are 10 test cases for each problem. The time limit for each test case is 1000ms.
Your program may run very fast on small test cases but more than 1000ms on some large test cases.
So the total time (the value of "Time" column on "My Submissions" page) was less than 10000 ms but you still got TLE (on some large test cases).

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